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Comprehensive Plan

The Village of Twin Lakes partnered with the Town of Randall to develop a Joint Comprehensive Plan meeting the requirements of Wisconsin’s Smart Growth Law.  The plan, which was developed at a number of bi-monthly meetings beginning in October 2002, was approved by the Twin Lakes Village Board on March 14, 2005.  The Comprehensive Plan is under regular review.  The responsiblity to review the Plan and to facilitiate its implementation, interpretation and update is vested in the Community Growth Commission.

The adopted version of the Town of Randall and VIllage of Twin Lakes Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan: 2005-2024 is made available below. In addition, copies of the Plan may be reviewed at the Village Hall or the Town Hall or at the Randall/Twin Lakes branch of the Community Library located at 110 South Lake Avenue in Twin Lakes (Near Subway).

The Joint Comprehensive Plan is available in Adobe Reader (all sections and maps) format.

Randall Acknowledgements
Twin Lakes Acknowledgements
Table of Contents
Twin Lakes Goals
Randall Goals
Issues & Opportunities
Utilities Text
Inter Governmental
Land Use Text
Twin Lakes Implementation
Randall Implementation
General Sources
Appendix A – Comprehensive Planning Goals
Appendix B2 – Twin Lakes Public Participation Plan
Appendix B – Randall Public Participation Plan
Appendix C – Community Survey Results
Appendix D – PASER System
Appendix E – Development Concepts
Appendix F – Analysis
Appendix G2 – General Provisions: Twin Lakes
Appendix G – General Provisions: Randall
Existing Transportation
Existing Land Use
Development Factors
Future Land Use Map
LUP Table