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This early Twin Lakes history information is taken from Summer Enchantment, The History of Twin Lakes by Greg Saucerman (Copyright 1994, Western Kenosha County Historical Society). Copies of this book are available on CD from the Village Hall and from the Western Kenosha County Historical Society.

Mary Rae, a native of England was born June 15, 1816. She came to America is 1833 and resided in what was to become known as “English Prairie”. In 1837 she was married to Jonathan Ineson, also an early settler on the prairie. Their son Robert was the first born son in the County. There were eight children in all, including the first set of twins born on the prairie. The girls were baptized Mary and Elizabeth. Both lakes were named after these girls, Lake Mary & Lake Elizabeth, which extended into Illinois, and almost to the English Prairie.

1835 — First large hotel built in the area – Akerman’s Resort. Regis Landing Condos are now on that site.

1850’s — Haegles’ started their ice house on Lake Elizabeth and others followed. Almost all ice houses burned down in the spring or summers due to the amount of straw in them to keep the ice from melting.

1892 — The Lake House started by Mrs. Gertrude Staudenmeyer as a resort.

1903 — Becker’s store was built. Later next store built by O. Pfaffenberger which became Hildebrandt’s.

1904 — Another hotel built by John Kaplan known as the Waldeck was built between the 2 lakes. The first school known as Cottage School District #4 was built.

1912 — Local post office was in the basement of LeRoy Winter’s home.

1920 — Largest ball room in Wisconsin built by Karl Rademacher known as Twin Lakes Ball Room – now Rumpole’s.

1937 — The Village of Twin Lakes was incorporated.

1942 — First Catholic Church built.

1960 — First Congregational Church built.

1968 — Hope Lutheran Church built on Hunt Ave. and in 1997 moved to Lance Dr.

1971 — St John’s new Catholic Church built.

1994 — Randall Consolidated School becomes part of Twin Lakes.

2000 — New Police Department built.

2001 — New modern sewer plant went on line.

2022 — New Village Hall built.

2023 — Major Sewer Plant upgrades.