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Snow Removal

Residents are reminded that the Village must be able to effectively plow snow off of streets in order to maintain access for emergency vehicles.  In order to ensure that this is done, Village Code prohibits parking on streets after a 2 inch snow fall until the roads are clear.  Also, residents are reminded not to place snow from driveways in the street.

 The Village policy is for “passable roads” and does not call for roads to be completely cleared of snow and ice.  Clearing practices will not begin until an accumulation of two (2) inches has been reached for a given event.  The Village does pre-salt as appropriate, with salt to be used only at intersections, significant curves, hills and other similar traffic hazard locations.

Click here to review the Village’s Snow and Ice Control Regulations Brochure



Residents should notify the Village Office (877-2858) of any plowing related mailbox damage within 10 days of the incident and prior to making repairs or replacements. The Village will reimburse up to $50 for repair or replacement of a mailbox damaged by Village operations.



Regulations require that property owners or residents must remove the snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to the property they own or occupy.  

Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks must occur within 24 hours.

No snow, ice, or other accumulations may be deposited into the public roadway.  All snow removed from driveways, sidewalks or other areas must be kept off the street.  

Vehicles must be removed from the street for 48 hours following a 2-inch or greater snowfall to allow for complete plowing operations including follow up clearing.